About us


We create value for our customers with the best solution and have done so since 1967.

We are a Danish-owned company, and since 1967 have supplied solutions within plastic cards (started with punched cards), plastic card production, readers for cards/key tags/wristbands, software solutions, operation of IT/data centers and etc. We have our own imports and deliver directly to business customers , organisations, associations and the public sector. We always ensure that our solutions are at the forefront of new technology, innovation, user-friendliness and the environment.NORDANO helps your company to create value for your products, services and services. Many of our products, equipment and solutions comply with ISO, CE, FCC, IEC, VCCI, CCC, KC, BIS, EAC, RoHS, REACH, Eco-friendly designs, certifications and declarations of conformity, Standby, Hibernation and reduced energy consumption.

Business Idea
Our business idea is to offer complete solutions that are individually adapted to each and every customer, thereby improving and making the solution more efficient. Through our wide range of products, we have a solution that suits all types of companies, associations and the public sector. We are a trade/service/IT company that focuses on delivering solutions and services across industries. At the same time, our solutions and services must be of the highest quality. Our employees and management must also have a high degree of ethics and morality in all aspects of daily life.

It is our goal to be the market leader in our areas. Under this, it is also our objective to be able to develop our solutions and services in cooperation with our manufacturers and customers for the requirements of the future.

Our vision is to adapt our company to the latest technologies, and implement them in our solutions/products/services.

We deliver solutions to many places in the world, but our head office and warehouse are in Denmark, close to Copenhagen. In addition, we have facilities in Jutland.

Environmental policy
We have a goal throughout the company to protect people and nature through our environmental policy. This is done i.a. through recycling and waste sorting. In connection with e.g. recycled cardboard boxes are always used in our packaging department. At the same time, we look closely at our suppliers and business partners and, in cooperation with them, try to reduce possible environmental impacts in their areas/solutions/products that are used/supplied through us. We always try to bring the environment into our decisions. At the same time, we can take back used and discarded machines that have been delivered by us. These machines will be separated and sorted according to our environmental policy. At the same time, our suppliers have replaced components in the products so that all products comply with the RoHS directive. All our franking machines and plastic card printers fully comply with the RoHS directive. We are registered with the WEEE system "Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment" and comply with the relevant environmental legislation in Denmark and the EU.

We started under the name Rosenkvist on May 1, 1967, which later became PT MAIL (Plastic cards Through MAIL/Produkter Til MAIL). In 2012, we took the first steps towards a name change, which should give our new vision a better foundation. So in January 2014 we changed our name to NORDANO.NORDANO is a contraction of "Nordic Dane with an Overview" - i.e. the Nordic Dane with an overview within our business areas and markets. Throughout all the years, we have had a range of solutions which have covered the products plastic card production, readers, software and IT.In the future, we will expand our range within our competences and add more exciting solutions.

50th anniversary/birthday
We have now existed for more than 50 years, and therefore had our 50th anniversary/birthday in 2017.